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 Naslov: <Clearance> Only $15.99 for Vandy Vape Paradox RDA, In Stock
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Pridružen: 13 pro 2018 07:44
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$15.99-Vandy Vape Paradox RDA 1.5ml

The Vandy Vape Paradox RDA comes with 24mm in diameter, 23.5mm in height and the maximum juice capacity is 1.5ml. It is made of stainless steel. It features 3 types drip tips to satisfy your different needs. It adopts the new annular airflow design, the air flow into the annular, converge in the middle then to the mouth.

1. New annular airflow design
2. Top dome form bell
3. 3 types drip tips
4. Detachable structure for easy cleaning


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