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 Naslov: Why 21700 Bigger Battery?
PostPostano: 12 ruj 2017 11:11 

Pridružen: 11 srp 2011 07:56
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With the developing of vape industry, we have seen many new technologies we did not get in touch with. And recently many vapers, clients saw this new battery-21700 on iJoy Capo 100, and wonder why pick this bigger one. Well we have it answered here. If you think the inforgraphic is useful, feel free to share it with other vapers.


Further interpretation:

1. For a 18650 battery, every 10% energy capacity it increases, the lifespan of it decreases around 20%; every 10% energy capacity it increases, the charging time last 30-40% longer; every 10% energy capacity it increases, the using temperature increases around 20%, that is to say, the more energy density, the more risk it may have

2. The same energy capacity, the smaller size one has a higher cost which leads a relatively expensive terminal price

3. 21700 has a higher space use rate


The data on the infographic above may not be accurate, we reserve the final interpretation of it.

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