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Dear Wismec Customer,

We are happy to announce that we will provide you reward points and just click the here to know more.

How to earn reward points?

Members can win reward points by signing up, placing an order, signing up for newsletter, releasing product review and so on.

1. Signing up to get 300 points

2. Placing an order & Buying new arrival or special device to get 200 points

3. Signing up for newsletter to get 200 points

4. Releasing product review to get 200 points after the system filters through.

5. Inviting your friends to join us

Share our related links and let your friends click it, you can get 100 points.

If your friends sign up our site after clicking, you can get 200 points.

6. Converting invitations to orders to get 500 points for both of you.

How to use reward point?

You can redeem your points at checkout page. If you have accumulated enough points, you will have the option of using points to redeem as one of the payment modes.

*Points exchange rate: 100 points =1$

Earning points exchange rate: 1 full dollar= 1 point

*Minimum Points Required to Redeem is 1000.

* The reward points will be redeemable for one year.

*The value of points after exchange shall not exceed 10% of the order amount.(excluding shipping fees)

*Reward points are not invalid for buying sales items.

Enjoying Shopping at Wismec Store

Best regards,



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