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 Naslov: iBuddy i1 Heating Kit, Alternative to IQOS,Ploom,Glo
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iBuddy i1 Heating Kit
iBuddy i1 Heating Kit is an innovative e-cig with the first pin-style heating element that quickly raises the temperature as well as prolonging the lifespan of the device. Together with a 1800mAh built-in battery and integrated design for easier operation, It is different from the traditional e-cig device, the iBuddy i1 will become your new best friend giving you a totally different & healthier vaping experience!
iBuddy i1 Heating Kit Features:
Size: 79.5 x 46 x 25.5mm
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Charging Time: 2-3h
Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Color: Red, Black, White
Material: ABS+PC
First Innovative Heating Kit of Pin-style Heating Element with longer lifespan
Integrated Design with Easier Operation
1800mAh built-in battery
Compact and colorful appearance


The IQOS, at a glance, looks very similar to a second-generation electronic cigarette or vape pen, but has a very different function and internal design. The primary difference between the IQOS and vape pens is that instead of vaporizing an e-liquid consisting of a glycol, flavor, and nicotine blend, the IQOS heats up real tobacco leaf. The Heat Sticks used in the IQOS are small treated sticks of tobacco available in a range of different blends. These sticks are essentially small tobacco plugs that are ground and then reconstituted with added glycol into tobacco sheets, which are then folded, crimped, and transformed into Heat Sticks. Users place the Heat Stick in the IQOS system, which then heats it up to 350 degrees, releasing the nicotine and flavor compounds. A blade inside the device both delivers the heating effect as well as monitors the temperature of the tobacco plug, ensuring a consistent draw while in use. Each Heat Stick lasts for roughly six minutes, or 14 puffs.

The Ploom Laste Model Two is a tobacco vaporizer that offers a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, by simply heating the tobacco instead of burning it. But it’s real tobacco vapors you’re smoking, and not some synthetic alternative from a science lab. Because of this, you’re actually inhaling vapor as opposed to legit smoke, which is far healthier yet still relatively tasty. the Ploom ModelTwo is one of the snazziest tobacco vaporizers out there. It looks like one of those fancy pens your grandfather carries around to sign checks at the grocery store, and comes in both black and white. Midway down, you’ll find an LED indicator ring that keeps you abreast of the battery situation, when it’s heated up, and (you know) whether or not it’s on.

Glo is what can be considered a classic HNB cigarette where a heating element is coupled to a disposable Kent tobacco stick. In contrast, the Glo iFuse, launched in Romania by BAT in 2015, is a sort of hybrid e-cigarette working with Kent NeoPod cartridges, a combination of a tobacco stick and a flavored nicotine liquid.

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