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 Naslov: The vaping industry in 2018 Part 1
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As the new year’s bell rang, we entered 2018. As for the vaping industry, 2018 is still a challenging year as we may continue to encounter problems arising from FDA and other organizations, yet we should continue to deal with these issues with our patience and wisdom. But 2018 is still a year of opportunities and as many high-tech e-cigs will be conceived, developed and launched-all on the vaping market and user-friendly designs will add convenience and glamour to these e-cigs, resulting in a big change to the way vapers use it and in non-smoker’s and smoker’s attitudes. I put my neck out there with several predictions for 2018 in the vaping industry and tell you some eye-catching and upcoming popular E-Cigarettes:


Squonk Mods

The Squonk Mod consists of bottom-feeder and external battery, which can carry e-juice into the hollow pin straight up to the atomizer by squeezing this bottle gently. When taking this bottle out of the chassis and return to its original shape and size and stopping squeezing it, the vacuum bottle can suck some additional e-juice remaining in the RDA automatically to keep the device clean. Additionally, you can continue to take puffs without any hassle and this squonk-shaped device gets you free from oil-filling trouble. Now I introduce some best and high-performance squonk mods tailored to beginners and seasoned vapers.



These mods are perfect for beginners to get start and they can experience flavorful taste easily while learning how to use this latest mod without dripping e-juice onto RDA.

GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit ( $ 63.54)


This device, in particular, is a big boon for all beginners with its fantastic appearance and heart-AS chipset. The Geekvape Gbox 200W has been implanted an accurate AS chipset, a well-performing and high-quality component bringing vapers flavorful and comfortable taste. Best of all, the Geekvape equips this mod with two different drip tips(810 or 510), balancing the flavor and vapor productions. Additionally, it has an 8 ml large bottle tailored to some chain smokers and cloud chasers. No matter where you travel, GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit accompanies you all the time. Honestly speaking, this large-sized bottle must get you throughout the day.


Large size and a little heavy

GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod($ 49.99)


Geekvape is a household brand in the vaping market, so I need not introduce it in detail to you. Let’s focus on this alluring GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod. Lightweight and portable are its merits in comparison to others as the main part of GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod is constructed out of stainless steel and a magnetic door is made with aluminum. Plus, what surprises us is its side fire button and safety lock switch, which make vapers to fire the device conveniently for avoiding accidental firing.


Small squonk hole on the front

HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod($ 99.00)


The HCigar VT Inbox is a mechanical squonk mod. I always think that chipset plays a big part in the device, and now there are several chipsets prevailing in vaping market, like DNA 75 chipset which makes its name for itself thanks to high performance and good operation. The HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod is furnished with DNA chipset, keeping the device in a good status. Its patterns on the chassis are worth mentioning as it is a Great Seal of the United States. In my view, this HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod is compelling and patriotic device tailored to American people.

Advanced Vapers


These mods are designed for experienced vapers and those who want to vape through adjusting the temperature. If you are a seasoned vaper, you must like it very much.

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C Squonker TC Box Mod (Price: $ 139.00)


The Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75 Squonker TC Mod is a forward-progression in vaping technology. You can adjust temperature and wattage and customize and record your preferences thanks to its advanced DNA75C chipset. Bottle installed can accommodate 7ml e-juice and has a staggering 30ml e-juice capacity for Silicone Refilling Bottle. As for me, 30ml e-liquid capacity is the largest reservoir I have never seen, and perhaps it get me throughout the half of the year. If you are a chain smoker, the Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C Squonker TC Box Mod must fit your preferences and never disappoints you.

IJOY Capo Squonk Box Mod($49.99)


IJOY CAPO SQUONK MOD is the first regulated squonk which is compatible with 21700/20700/18650 battery. Featuring tiny and ergonomic size, it is capable of running up to 100W with fantastic battery life. A big front OLED screen displays essential information to the user. Implementing personalized design of adjustment buttons and big fire button, it adds more convenience during usage. Presenting hale and fashionable exterior design, IJOY CAPO SQUONK is colourful and highlights the personality. The food-grade soft and hard silicone squonk bottle hold a generous 9 ML of liquid which allows for suitable squeezing and easy maintenance. The top battery slot with top loaded battery cap ensures the safety and ease of battery replacement.

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